Lotus is a star! I cannot recommend her reflexology highly enough. She is very well trained and clearly has a huge talent for the therapy. I have tried reflexology in various places with different therapists over the years and the sessions with Lotus were easily the most effective and informative! Lotus’ skill and expertise managed to bring relief from my symptoms at a time when nothing elsewould work - she truly was a Godsend...and i will be rushing back to get her support as soon as my recovery starts. Lotus I can’t thank you enough.
— Lisa C
I am naturally sceptical about alternative therapies, but like having my feet rubbed (!)... So i had some sessions with Lotus during the summer. She’s incredibly easy going and professional, as well as sensitive to your needs and moods...I was amazed when the reflexology helped dramatically with injuries from bootcamp and gave me epic sleep...Brilliant!
— Catherine C
Having reflexology treatments from Lotus was an extremely relaxing experience. I always slept well after each treatment and the sessions also reduced my stress levels and therefore the negative effect this was having on my health. Lotus is a knowledgeable reflexologist who provides a calming and relaxing environment for her clients and I would happily recommend her to anyone
— Sheena H
I am 68 years old and in the previous 4 years I have had both my hips replaced and was experiencing Atrial Fibrillation in the heart. I came for reflexology 6 months after my last hip op. I could walk fairly well but was always tired, a bit low mentally and lacking energy generally.

I had 6 reflexology treatments in all, and can honestly say it made me feel myself again. I hadn’t realised, with all the pain and discomfort hips can give you over many years, that I had stopped walking properly. I stood up straight, but walking was something I had to concentrate on, my balance was not like it used to be.

After my 2nd treatment i began to feel earthed again and a general bubbling up of energy occured. So after my 6 treatments i can only say thank you Lotus for I am stronger, happier and have my balance back - my heart has also relaxed. I would certainly recommend trying this type of reflexology for people after a hip repelacement or any weakness felt after illness - It woke up the energy in my body so I could continue to heal myself.
— Elizabeth K
I have used Lotus’ services for a series of reflexology treatments and I found her very professional, attentive and very competent. She carefully listens to you, asks questions to help understand your needs and answers any questions you might have. The treatment takes place in a room which feels a bit like a cocoon, and Lotus always makes sure you are comfortable and warm. The treatment itself is very enjoyable and relaxing. I really benefitted from it, all day i was feeling relaxed but also energised, i thought my spirits were lifted up. I would recommend Lotus to anybody looking for a good reflexologist.
— Laurence E
I am having ongoing reflexology treatments with Lotus. She is meticulous and interested in my condition. I have complex health problems - Kidney cancer and the side effects of drug treatments. she has helped me a lot with fatigue and feeling comfortable. She is pleasant to talk to during the treatments and i have come to regard her as a friend.
— Lisa S
I was over the moon when I was booked for not just one but 8 sessions of reflexology with Lotus. I knew from previous treatment that it was going to be a very physically healing treatment. What was an amazing revelation was the spiruitual and psychological healing I experienced. The benefits to me after the first treatment were immediate and enduring.

Lotus took a full medical history from me and encouraged me to relax. her treatment room is immaculate and finished to a high degree, and fresh water was always offered to me, after the treatment i was encouraged to hydrate, which I did. I slept better, ate better and felt better. I started taking more care of myself without quite realising why.

Perhaps the most striking benefit for me was the ease with which through Lotus’ personalised, intuitive and sensitive treatment I found my desire and need for alcohol and cigarettes diminished in a way I had never experienced before. The benefits last and now I am planning to invest in further regular treatment from Lotus.
— Natasha H
Having reflexology with Lotus is deeply relaxing and leaves me feeling immediatly more centred. She is a very intuitive and caring practioner who has made a real difference to rebalancing my hormones and improving my sleep.
— Katy C
Reflexology - will twinkle your toes, rejuvenate your soles and put a spring in your step - whats not to like
— Casey S
Thank you Lotus for the great reflexology it has really helped, loved the conversation as well.
— Gareth S